These 6 Islands in Michigan are on Everybody's Bucket List

Mackinac Island
Are you really a Michigander if you haven't visited Mackinac Island? Don't miss this must visit spot on everyone's bucket list!
Visiting Mackinac Island is like taking a step back in time, the Victorian Archetecture is honored here. 

You can either ride a horse or bicycle around the island, no cars allowed! 

The hiking on the island is top notch.
Stay in a quaint historical hotel, be escorted by carriage. 

South Manitou Island

The serene South Manitou Island is home to stunning beaches, killer rockpicking and amazing hiking. Hop a ferry over for a daytrip, or camp overnight! 

South Manitou
The scenery will blow you away, and the history will give you a deep appreciation for Michigan's past. The North Manitou is also amazing, however, South is considered more friendly to first timers. 

South Manitou
As you wander through the forest, keep an eye out for old growth cedars. 


Isle Royale
Take a plane into Isle Royale for a delightful experience in unspoiled wilderness. 

Isle Royale
Prepare to rough it in the most lovely of ways. 

Isle Royale

Even gloomy days offer scenes that will have your jaw dropping. 

Fox Islands
While it's difficult to get to the Fox Islands, they are worth the hassle. 

Fox Island

Camp on the coast of Lake Michigan. 

Drummond Island
Known for it's stellar fishing conditions, Drummond Island hosts several Charter Fishing tours! 

Drummond Island
You can take a ferry to the island, and vehicles are allowed! Get around and check out the amazing natural resources. 

Drummond Island

Drummond Island is a rock picker's paradise! 

Beaver Island is a Fantastic Island

Filled with opportunities to connect with nature, you will never want to leave! 

Beaver Island
There's a shockingly gorgeous harbor, a great place for launching your lakebound adventures! Beaver Island has great rock picking, camping, hiking and more! 

Beaver Island
The State Park Lighthouse offers an educational perspective on why Beaver Island has been crucial in Michigan's maritime history.

Bois Blanc Island

This island is so pretty, and very underrated! 

Bois Blanc Island

Bois Blanc Island

Be amazed by how quiet and serene it is on Bois Blanc